Featured Design for October: 'Sirens" by MUTI

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Congratulations gang, you’ve made to October - the month of tricks, treats, and reveling in all things mysterious. It’s a month when costumes, haunted houses, and supernatural sightings can play tricks on the mind. You can’t always trust what your eyes see in October, which is why I thought it was the perfect month to feature a bandana design inspired by illusions – The seductively spooky “Sirens” bandana created by Cape Town, South Africa design group MUTI. After a long sold-out stretch, BANDITS is bringing this best-selling bandana back just in time to fire up your Autumn activities!

The "Sirens" bandana designed by MUTI

The sultry “Sirens” design is inspired by the mythical mirages and primitive allure of the desert. However, the incredible details (especially when you look closer) evoke the dangerous realities hiding around the edges of the desert’s seductive sheen.

Something in this design has called out to our customers as well. Since May, “Sirens” has been BANDITS best-selling bandana and I’m sure many of you are excited to finally see the “Sold Out” tag vanish from it’s product page.

The MUTI design team created a truly timeless piece that has not only connected with bandana lovers around the globe, but has also generated an incredible impact for MUTI’s chosen charity – Save the Rhino International. As of BANDITS’ most recent Third Quarter 2018 donation, sales of this design have created close to $600 USD in donations for Save The Rhino, with no signs of stopping anytime soon!

Tatiana Gia showing off the best-selling "Sirens" bandana 

Keep reading to learn more about MUTI, their inspiration in creating the “Sirens” design, and the incredible work being done by their chosen charity. Make it to the end to find out how you can score “Sirens” at a discount all October long!

The Artist – MUTI

MUTI is a creative studio made up of a small, tight-knit team of artists, illustrators, and designers dedicated to producing original artwork for clients around the world. Each member of MUTI brings skills from backgrounds in graphic design, illustration, clothing production, client service, and advertising. Founded in 2011 and based in Cape Town, South Africa, MUTI’s tiny but powerful team creates lettering, icons, logos, branding, graphics, and animation for some of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands. Included in their lineup of lineup of prestigious clients are companies like Nike, Red Bull, Google, Facebook, UNIQLO, American Express, Samsung and MANY others.

The MUTI Team in their laid-back Cape Town offices

The team draws inspiration from each other, always challenging themselves to push their creative limits. Though their work encompasses a wide range of styles, inspirations, and disciplines, MUTI’s projects are incredibly consistent in their eye-catching quality. A glance at the studio’s homepage reveals a dazzling, colorful portfolio that would be an impressive CAREER for most artists – and that’s just their recent stuff! BANDITS is grateful to be able to feature an original design from this industry standard studio.

Some of our favorite work by MUTI - Top: Labeling and can designs for Three Taverns Brewery, Bottom: Custom poker deck design for 52 Aces card brand

It’s no surprise that this impressive group was able to create a design that has connected with so many people already. Now that we’re re-stocked, I know it will only keep expanding MUTI’s global reach!

To learn more about MUTI and to check out their other incredible work:

Instagram: @studiomuti

Facebook: @studioMUTI

Dribbble: @studioMUTI

Behance: @MUTI

The Design - "Sirens"

You may not immediately think of desert landscapes when you think of Cape Town, South Africa. The common images most outsiders see are those of crashing waves along crystal blue coastlines, mountains towering over the city, and beaches full of colorful Cricket-playing locals. However, as the designers at MUTI explained to me, just an hour and a half drive East from Cape Town will land you in the Western reach of the Great Karoo and Little Karoo deserts. The designers at MUTI explained that they’ve always been awed, and just a bit intimated by this unforgiving landscape.

Up close on the design details of "Sirens" by MUTI

“Sirens” is inspired by that very desert, a place of great beauty, but also of great danger. The central, sultry mirage calls to the weary traveler with a trio of temptresses. However, an unforgiving, sinister reality hides just beneath the sexy veil. Cacti, Snakes, and all manner of other desert dwellers lurk in the background, waiting to give the traveler an unwanted welcome. Look closely and you’ll see a small skull poking up from the sand, a shuttering warning of what befell the last person to be seduced by the “Sirens” song.

In Greek Mythology, the Sirens were beautiful but dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices only to ultimately shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. In MUTI’s desert-inspired interpretation, shipwrecks are replaced by scorpions and starvation, but the Sirens are every bit as beautiful, and every bit as deadly. 

The Charity – Save The Rhino International

Much like the desert that inspired their design, MUTI’s choice of charity was driven by the natural landscape surrounding their Cape Town home. Tourists from around the world venture to South Africa to catch a glimpse of exotic species on Safaris. One particularly popular species, the Rhinoceros, faces a very real threat that MUTI’s chosen charity seeks to eradicate.

Sudan, the world's last surviving male northern white rhino, who sadly died earlier this year. A reminder of how quickly rhino species are disappearing.

Save The Rhino International is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to support and protect endangered rhino populations in Africa and Asia. STR works tirelessly with on-the-ground partners around the world to disrupt and reduce the illegal global trafficking and trade of rhino horns. Their mission is to eventually see all five rhino species off the endangered species list and thriving in the wild for future generations. 

Sobering statistics from Save The Rhino International

MUTI was inspired to support Save The Rhino because, as they explained “The species is under threat and we as Africans need to do all we can to stop poaching.” The unfortunately large and well-funded underground market for Rhino horns drives would-be poachers to wound, kill, and endanger Rhinos in order to take their tusks. Over recent years this trade has lead to the endangerment and, in some cases, eradication of Rhino species across the world.

Some uplifting news from the recent World Rhino Day on September 22, 2018

10% of the sales proceeds from “Sirens” will go to support Save The Rhino and help them to protect endangered rhino populations. The money will help them to raise awareness and continue their work with international partners to fight poaching and reduce the illegal international trade of rhino horns. 

Links to learn more about Save the Rhino International:

Instagram:  @savetherhinointernational

Facebook:  @savetherhinointernational


The Most Exciting Part

BANDITS is honored to feature MUTI’s design and to have been able to contribute nearly $600 USD (so far) to Save the Rhino International. But I’m not stopping there! Not only is BANDITS re-stocked on “Sirens” inventory, I’m also making it easier for you to grab one before they’re gone again!

In honor of the highly sought-after “Sirens” being this month’s featured design, BANDITS is giving you 10% OFF all October long! Just sign up for the BANDITS email list (using the popup or the link in the footer) to get your discount. Once you're on the list you'll also get exclusive offers, be the first to know about new designs and re-stocks, and get the latest news on all things BANDITS. Even if you’re already signed up, we're sending this exclusive code to ALL of our current email subscribers! If you've already used your sign-up discount, this is a great way to save on a second (or third, or fourth...) "Sirens" and send it to a friend. Make sure you act quickly though, because like the mirage in the design these bandanas may vanish soon!

Click HERE to snag your "Sirens" today!

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