Connor Humphreys is the Founder of BANDITS and a self-proclaimed “Bandana Enthusiast”.

During a 10-year career in finance in Los Angeles, CA, he always admired the creativity and independence of the artists that he met in his daily life and travels. Not much of an artist himself, he was consistently amazed by the way that they could create such eye-catching expressions of their thoughts, feelings, and stories.

In early 2017, burnt out on the office life and seeking a taste of that independence he always admired, he decided to leave the finance world and move to Bali with his wife Nicole. They sold most of their belongings, dropped their dog off with Connor’s parents, and set out on an adventure half way around the world.

Connor arrived on the island with no plan other than to nerd out on his camera, drive around the island taking pictures, and open himself up to the possibility of living a completely different lifestyle.

On the back of a motorbike winding through the beautiful Balinese landscape, the idea for BANDITS struck. He had finally found the perfect outlet to create positive change and express his appreciation for the artists that had always inspired him.

By providing artists a platform to monetize their work, promote their portfolios, and raise awareness for charitable causes they are passionate about, Connor aims to grow BANDITS into a global brand supporting people and organizations making the world a better and more beautiful place!