What is it about bandanas that makes people around the world LOVE them so much?
Well aside from looking awesome, they're the ultimate accessory for doing YOU! There’s just something about bandanas that instantly makes you feel more confident, more adventurous, more… FREE!
There’s no right (or wrong) way to wear one - ask ten people how they wear a bandana and you'll get ten different answers. They can be worn by anyone – any sex, any race, any nationality, any background, it doesn’t matter! Most of all - no matter how you tie it up, you're sure to feel like a badass - in your own totally unique way!

On the back of a motorbike in Bali, traversing the island for great photographs, sweating through an old bandana for the third day in a row… a brand was born.
I loved the way that bandana made me feel. I loved the confidence, the freedom, and the outlaw attitude my bandana personified. I loved that bandana, but as I reached up to re-tie it around my face for the ride, the fraying fabric (and the smell) told me it was time for a new one.
What I didn’t love was when I started looking around for bandanas to buy and realized how BORING they all were! Low quality cotton, played-out patterns, and way too much paisley. That's when I decided to create BANDITS - to bring the world a BETTER bandana!
I wanted to take bandanas to the next frontier of quality and original expression. In short, I thought it was time to move past paisley.
That’s why BANDITS bandanas feature original, never-before seen designs created by young artists from all over the world. BANDITS bandanas are worthy of a gallery wall, but soft and durable enough to wear every day.
From the beginning, I knew that in order to be better, BANDITS had to be different. It needed to embody the sense of originality, individuality, and self-determination that made me fall in love with bandanas in the first place.
So, I built BANDITS around a simple mission that’s all about YOU – WEAR YOUR WAY, LIVE YOUR WAY, and GIVE YOUR WAY!

BANDITS are built big (22’’ x 22’’) so you can fold, style, and tie up your bandana in ANY way you want! But size ISN’T everything, so I didn’t stop there - BANDITS bandanas are handmade in Bali from pre-washed, super soft, 100% high-quality cotton sourced from Indonesia and hand-selected to hold its shape no matter how you tie it.
Let’s face it, there’s a certain “swag” that comes with rocking a bandana. It’s not for everyone – it’s for YOU! BANDITS are for artists, creators, outlaws, originals, and anyone that aspires to be. Fashionable or functional, backstage or backwoods, BANDITS are perfect for all of your adventures. Untie the string, tie up your bandana, then go out and live like a BANDIT – Never Tied Down!      
What’s better than supporting a great cause? Supporting LOTS of great causes all over the world! 10% of sales proceeds from each of BANDITS’ bandana designs support a different charity chosen by the design’s artist. Not only does this give you the chance to choose your favorite cause, it’s also a great way to learn about the work being done by amazing charitable organizations around the world!   

Connor Humphreys is the Founder of BANDITS and a self-proclaimed “Bandana Enthusiast”.
During a 10-year career in finance in Los Angeles, CA, he always admired the creativity and independence of the artists that he met in his daily life and travels. Not much of an artist himself, he was consistently amazed by the way that they could create such eye-catching expressions of their thoughts, feelings, and stories.
In early 2017, burnt out on the office life and seeking a taste of that independence he always admired, he decided to leave the finance world and move to Bali with his wife Nicole. They sold most of their belongings, dropped their dog off with Connor’s parents, and set out on an adventure half way around the world.
Connor arrived on the island with no plan other than to nerd out on his camera, drive around the island taking pictures, and open himself up to the possibility of living a completely different lifestyle.
On the back of a motorbike winding through the beautiful Balinese landscape, the idea for BANDITS struck. He had finally found the perfect outlet to create positive change and express his appreciation for the artists that had always inspired him.
By providing artists a platform to monetize their work, promote their portfolios, and raise awareness for charitable causes they are passionate about, Connor aims to grow BANDITS into a global brand supporting people and organizations making the world a better and more beautiful place!